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Dotrade’s answer is an integrated service where suppliers can avail individual services for specific parts of their business that need help.

Cross-border Trade

Dotrade Cross-border Trade (CBT) helps suppliers market their products, discover new buyers, manage inquiries & avoid scams.

Dotrade Express

Through Dotrade Express, potential customers are able to buy product samples and try them out before ordering in bulk.


Easy Payment system for convenient purchase of overseas buyers.

Benefits for Supplier

Dotrade CBT helps suppliers sell their products fast at a global scale and at a lower cost.

Lower Acquisition Costs

Increase in website traffic leads to lower buyer acquisition cost

Fast Go-To Market

Suppliers are able to start selling right after uploading their products on the website.

Sell Globally

Suppliers can sell anywhere in the world regardless of the buyer’s location.

One-Stop Cross Border Trade

Dotrade can offer both online & offline consulting
services about issues in logistics & trade regulations.

Buyer Communication

Buyer Communication Dotrade can serve as an intermediary between buyer & supplier during negotiations, conflicts and disputes

Market Testing

Before officially releasing their product into the market, suppliers can check the consumers response through testing the product in a controlled environment

Cost Management

Cost Management Dotrade can help suppliers manage expenses by calculating logistics costs, warehouse costs & commission fees.

Inventory Management

Through the Dotrade CBT, buyers & suppliers will be able to access the Dotrade Serivce conveniently in their online.
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